New for the 2018 Year, the Strong Lights brand of Glow Gaskets are better than ever! Color options, mediums, processes and everything has changed to achieve the best possible glow for your hot rod'ed triple LED torch. Please pay attention to the picture to know what you are buying. Each individual Glow Gasket color has it's own unique glow characteristics. While Green retains that Ultra bright super glow we're all used to and will last many many hours into the night while gradually fading out, the orange and red do not perform as well. You can see the color of the glow and get an idea of it's brightness after 10-15 seconds of charge. Since their initial debut back in 2015 the Glow Gaskets have been through many revisions, and thanks to the support of the flashlight community we have turned the Glow Gasketsinto a household name that everybody knows and Enjoys. Through continuous improvement in all aspects we are proud to release these as the best and brightest on the market! 


**Note: Sale is for one individual Glow Gasket™, picture is all available options and their correlating glow at night.**

**Designed to work with Carclo 105xx Optics, not recommended for use in Lux-RC driven lights.**

**Note: These are NOT 3D printed and will NOT melt warp chip crack or deform inside the head of your light.**

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High quality gasket!

Brock on Mar 14th 2018

These are the best gid gaskets I’ve ever used. I purchased green and orange. The green is the brightest. The orange is also very appealing to see at night. Thanks Mathew.

Glow gaskets

Josh utt on Feb 22nd 2018

As always a homerun completely awesome. Look great fit great. Thank you so much.