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There are many tools available that will do the job of taking apart and putting a flashlight back together, but these are what I have found to work best in *most* applications. They work great to aid in installing Glow Gaskets in all models of Strong Lights EDC Torches, as well as taking apart the tailcap to install a new boot! Don't be fooled, these are not particularly nice, or of high quality, and probably not new as I just grab a set from the drawer when assembling batches! I modify each set by filing the edges so there is less chance of rubbing on internal threads. Although these may not look the greatest, they excel at what they are intended for, which is modifying your Torch! The short length works to our advantage in that it gives a better feel for the compression of O-rings and aids in prevention of over-torquing of McClicky Switches and Light Engines, which has reportedly caused issues such as crushed optic legs. I offer these only as a convenience to you, but you can pick them up at any local hardware store, I prefer Master Mechanic brand =)    Pro Tip: snugged up finger tight, then 1/4-1/2 turn to compress the O-Ring! Tailcap retaining rings are less sensitive to over-torquing. 

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Mark on Jul 24th 2018

I have a split ring pliers that I use to work on flashlights and its just like the one being sold here. They are pretty basic and standard ones that you can find at any home depot. I decided to order one so that I would have a spare, and to see if the grinds on the side make them easier to use and..........it really does. The small grind helps you just that little bit to avoid rubbing up against the threads. Works great!


karl.lillie@gmail.com on Mar 31st 2018

Works great

The right tool for the job

Brock on Mar 14th 2018

Mr Strong’s tool made flashlight maintenance much easier! I was using multi tools and sometimes unable to do the job. Now with the right tool maintenance is simple and feels more professional. Thank you Mr Strong